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Energy Rating Fee Schedule
Effective May 1, 2009

Fees for Ratings are based on total square footage of the structure, including attached garages, as recorded by the Municipality of Anchorage, or on site calculations. Larger and more complex homes, with multiple additions and unusual architecture take more time to anylize than small "box" homes.  The State of Alaska, through Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, will reimburse homeowners $325 for the initial Rating and $175 for the second Rating, for the Energy Rebate Program.  Refer to for details of all programs.

1st Rating
2nd Rating
For Rating homes up to 2000 Square feet

Post-Rating consultation

  If a Combustion safety test is Required by AHFC, there will be an additional $50 fee. The ratings are self explanatory for those who understand construction methods.  If you need additional help deciding which improvements to make, you may schedule an additional consultation. If you need an interim rating with a blower door test, to see how close you are to a next step increase level, that service is available. This small fee could get you an extra $1500, by identifying where to get more points. Ask for details. The fee is $95/hr, starting from the office until the end of your site visit.  This may be reimbursable by AHFC as an expense of the costs of the work performed.